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Scratched Tiger Scratched Tiger

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


That's actually... Really really good.. Much better then what I would ever do. No matter how matted down the hair is, it's still amazing. It's black and white features pretty much makes it stand out compared to a colored picture. The only problem(s) I see is that the scratches or "color marks" mostly all go downwards, and don't all align with the texture of the animal. Although, it was a very good job :D

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Berkley233 responds:

haha LOL it looks like someone important has reviewed this... yeah. the hair is pretty matted down, mostly because I didn't know I could make brush strokes different ways :( Also, those "color marks" are actually going up, but you cant see them because the pic is too small D:
Thanks for the review, now get on FL Studios and make some more music, please.
Only if u got the time :)