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Wait a minute... did this little flash actually just get to me...? Ok, this is one of the most simple, stupidest flashes I have ever seen... but the ending made me gaze into a blank stare and think about how much the earth and the species among with it are evolving o.O I'm actually going to give this a ten. But yes, agreed... you should have waited until clock day.

Ok.. Let's see:

At first, in the beginning, I thought the flash would be quite well made and the plot would be a very good story... BUT, as soon as I saw their mouths moving and the animation being quite bad.. I automatically hated this flash.. don't get me wrong, some people may like this, but not me.. And the people moaning a lot when they die is just.. annoying. I will give you a two on this.. because all I really thought was "good" about this was the "comedy" and "voiced".


EternalRabbit responds:

thanks for your feedback. of course this isn't my best work, and i actually had second thoughts of whether to submit this movie..at least now I know.

The Song.

It's MIA - Boyz

But It's Some Sort Of Remix I Believe.

Not directly From THAT Song.

Great Flash BTW.


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What I thought...

The idea of the game was certainly interesting, and the music definitely adds to it.. Although, the way the game works can be.. quite stupid really.. You don't necessarily have to use the bait unless you want to sit and wait for the monsters to come, which then the food will disappear and ruin your hopes of getting a big combo. But, because of the fact that the bait works correctly, you can time it if you'd like to hit the monsters when you need to... Even if you don't use bait, I found you get around the same score, because all you have to do is click the group(s) of monster(s) coming out of their "spawns"..

Originality - 5:10
Idea - 5:10
Game Play - 4:8
Scoring System - 4:8

Score - 4.5 (Rounds to a 5)
Stars - 9 (Stays a 9 of course)



Beat it, finally.. There were a couple hard ones but it was in all a good game.. 72 deaths at the end :\

To Newbian and Author:

Newbian, I'm not sure if it's exactly stolen, it could have been released late onto this website. I do know though, that there is also a second version of the game (sequel) on the "original websites". **Ex. Miniclip** I'm sure that the submission was questioned by an administrator/moderator before it was submitted (because of the fact it's been released for a while now)

Author, the game is very good, although the graphics aren't exactly to my liking. They aren't bad, don't get me wrong.. I just don't favor that "generation" of graphics. If this is your game (responding to Newbian), then very good job on this one. Released a bit late... but that's ok.

All in all:


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I hate the original, so.. ZERO :D

Nah.. umm.. well see.. I do hate the original, and this definitely made it much better, especially at :29 - :35... that was pretty awesome how you did that right there... the only thing that's really bugging me, is that I'm getting bored listening to it half way through, nothing really changes other then going from pattern to pattern... I think you need something very crazy and new placed in the middle-end, and make it longer... just less boring. (Yes, it's short.. but so.. common.) All in all, the score would be 10 and 5, just because you did make the song better.. props for that.. I just wish it was different from all the other songs.. beat, saw, piano, etc. ... yawn :D

Catstuffer responds:

lol, well, shortly after making this song, I ahve tried incorporating strings, not jsut a generic terrible sounding string sample, but a high quality bass string and violin. Also, there is a choir singing in chords throughout the song, without it, you would not have given this a 10... It would sound very choppy without such.

Strings, and a new "plucked" Sound I have been experimenting with should help round out some newer stuff.

Thanks for taking the time to review! :D

Nice man

Amazing man... I don't really htink your getting BETTER, but this is definitely one of your BETTER songs.. I would definitely collab with you if my computer still had nexus on it.. maybe I'll look into grabbing it and do this song with you... hit me up on AIM later about it. 5/5 10/10

DjSc00p responds:

haha thanks :] when i get a new computer we can collab forsure


Rucklo, Rucklo, Rucklo... you have quite the piece of work here... Although it's nothing even compared to what I usually listen to.. it's actually.. catchy, meaning I can sit here and let it loop at least four times without noticing... The only thing I can spot wrong with it is that the beat is a bit too.. loud.. mostly the hat, I'm not sure if you fixed it from before (as JD14 said below).. but it's still a bit.. over-powering still. None the less, it's nothing you should really worry about.. all you have to do is finish it now. Everything else in the song, including all the weird noises I intentionally listen to... is very amazingly put together. Although, at the ending.. when it just fades out like that.. it's sort of.. annoying, being just that deep-toned sound and then the high-pitch noise to fade out with... It isn't too bad though.. since my ears aren't bleeding =P Very nice tune... I'm going to give you a 9 for all the minor problems in this song.. which will most likely be fixed once it's completely finished. Good job. (5/5)

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That's actually... Really really good.. Much better then what I would ever do. No matter how matted down the hair is, it's still amazing. It's black and white features pretty much makes it stand out compared to a colored picture. The only problem(s) I see is that the scratches or "color marks" mostly all go downwards, and don't all align with the texture of the animal. Although, it was a very good job :D

Berkley233 responds:

haha LOL it looks like someone important has reviewed this... yeah. the hair is pretty matted down, mostly because I didn't know I could make brush strokes different ways :( Also, those "color marks" are actually going up, but you cant see them because the pic is too small D:
Thanks for the review, now get on FL Studios and make some more music, please.
Only if u got the time :)


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